This is a premium, complete and easy to use V60 starter. Uses a fine metal mesh that is washable and long lasting, and is more sustainable for the environment. V60 Filter paper is compatible with the cone, should you feel the need to use the paper filter instead of the metal mesh. The glass cone and server set can make and hold up to 3 cups of coffee, with the cone effectively held in place by the wooden base. 


  1. Prepare the V60 cone with a filter paper 
  2. Wet the filter paper and discard the water 
  3. Gently place the coffee into the cone 
  4. Usuing an electric kettle, boil water 
  5. Pour the boiling water onto the grounds slowly to wet evenly 
  6. Keep pouring to soak the coffee to about 1cm deep 
  7. After the water has drained, pour the same amount of water onto the coffee grinds 
  8. The time taken to brew should take up to 5 minutes 


Need your coffee ground up? Leave a note for the Apothecary staff to grind the coffee suitable for your needs. 

Wood and Glass V60

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