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The History of Apothecary Coffee

Founded in 2016 with a vision to share our passion for artisan, specialty coffee with a broader audience, Apothecary Coffee was created.  From humble beginnings, starting with skeleton staff and minimal equipment,  the Apothecary team have worked tirelessly to build the business from a quiet local cafe to a thriving coffee mecca delivering their much loved customers high quality products, sometimes multiple times per day. Now with four stores in Sydney, we are proud to be able to bring the Apothecary Coffee brand to as wide an audience as possible and share our love for specialty coffee.  


Brand philosophy

At Apothecary Coffee we make your coffee experience special. We believe that coffee connects us to our community and revitalizes us as part of our daily ritual.

The foundations of the business are built on core philosophy & value of doing everything we do with respect & integrity be it serving our customers, engaging with our staff, suppliers and the broader community.


 Our core goals are:
  • To serve the best milk based and black coffee with new and exciting beans & techniques that are honest and genuine

  • To provide hand made authentic, artisanal & fresh products crafted for your enjoyment

  • To be a friendly and effortless haven for your daily recharge

  • To contribute to the community & enable connections within our community

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