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Apothecary Coffee Premium Blend

Combination of:
Espresso  - Brazil -Alta Mogiana-Fazenda Morada da Prata
Fazenda Morada da Prata is located in Batatais -Apothecary.png

Fazenda Morada da Prata is located in Batatais, with 1575 total hectares, more than 500 preserved as natural reserves and 149 planted with coffee. The fertile soil of the Alta Mogiana region offers the ideal climate for producing specialty coffee.

In 2017 Fazenda Morada da Prata won third place in the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee contest with a score of over 90 points. The farm’s high level of coffee quality traces back to 1879 when Henrique Dumont acquired the property. Dumont invested in a series of production innovations converting the farm into one of the most modern in South America, with five million coffee trees, 96km of train rails, and seven locomotives, which earned him a reputation as “The King of Coffee.” The farm is now managed by Henrique’s great granddaughter Maria Helena, the fourth generation to manage the farm’s coffee production.

Roast Style: Espresso Roast 65%

Varietal: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Red Caturra

Process: Natural

Altitude: 870m above sea level

Flavour Notes: Red Berries, Orange peel, Chocolate

Espresso - Colombia - Wilmar Matoma - Finca El Guamo
Colombia - House blend Apothecary.png

Wilmar Matoma’s coffee plantation, Finca El Guamo, is located deep in the mountains between the town of Gaitania, and snow-capped Nevado del Huila volcano. Rich in volcanic soil, and 500m hike uphill from the nearest dirt road, the trek takes approximately an hour, while Wilmar insists it’s a 20 minute journey.


Until last year, Wilmar has never seen his coffee sold as a microlot coffee, allowing him to earn a quality premium for the first time in his lifelong career as a farmer. He insists on maintaining less productive, traditional varietals that require more maintenance. Seen as a foolish idea, the resulting coffee tastes exquisite, proving Wilmars wisdom in coffee.


The aromas of sweet citrus accompany flavours of apricot and jasmine. The acidity is vibrant with a silky like feel we can only describe as refined and delicate.

Roast Style: Espresso Roast 35%

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Yellow Colombia F6, Castillo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1900m above sea level

Flavour Notes: Apricot, Lime, Lemon, Jasmine, Caramel

Monthly Single Origin January

Guatemala la cruz - Apoth .jpg
Guatemala - Rio Ocho

Another coffee sourced from the Vides family, sourced from the Cuevitas farm, one of the six the family runs. The quality found on these farms is what keeps us coming back year after year.
All six farms are Rainforest Alliance certified and follow Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E) Practices. In 2012 Coffee Care, a non-profit organisation reading social awareness projects in coffee growing regions in Guatemala, indeed the construction of a school and nursery at the farm with fully trained, full time teachers. All the temporary and permanent staff working the farms have access to schooling for their children, with food donations used to incentivise attendance.
When a child attends school or nursery for five consecutive days they receive a week's supply of rice beans and corn. This coffee is absolutely bursting with notes of peach and the aroma of jasmine. Another prime example of the quality inherent in the coffee produced by the Vides Family.


Roast Style: Omni Roast
San Ramon & Caturra
1800m - 2000m above sea level
Flavour Notes:
Peach, White Grape, Jasmine

Costa Rica - Apoth .jpg
Honduras - El Horizonte

Coffee producer Reyna Muñoz runs Finca El Horizonte, in the western region of Honduras in the Las Vegas municipality. Getting to her small farm requires a 4WD climb, or around an hour on foot, which you can't do if the road is wet. Living entirely off the grid, she cares for her extremely humble home and farm by herself. Her young grandson helps when he can, but the majority of work is done by Reyna herself.
Reyna has reinvested a lot of her earnings into making the farm better and more efficient, even purchasing a Paraneima plot next to her land and renovating it. Having seen the difference specialty coffee can make to her life she is committed to producing the best coffee she can, in tough conditions. With a passion for the environment, she considers herself a custodian of her land and its surroundings. Reyna Muñoz is incredibly inspiring. She is producing some delicious coffee, and this washed coffee is a delightful representation of that quality.

Roast Style: Omni Roast
Ihcafe 90 & Parainema
1750m above sea level
Flavour Notes:
Orange, Toffee, Milk Chocolate

Seasonal Roaster.png