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Our stainless steel plunger is ideal for those who have little time to make coffee at home. The plunger is double walled, being cool to touch on the outside, while keeping the heat in and allowing the contents to remain hot for a long time. The plunger’s mesh is washable and the plunger is dishwasher safe.

Simple and easy to use, just place the coffee at the bottom of the Plunger, fill with water, and place the plunger shaft after a few minutes and press. Can prepare up to 3 cups when filled.

How to brew using a Plunger:

  1. Remove the main shaft out of the plunger 
  2. Place the amount of coffee that yo need into the bottom of the chamber 
  3. Boil water, then pour into the plnger, making sure all the coffee gets wet 
  4. Allow it to stand for 3 minutes, without the lid on
  5. Insert the plnger lid and shaft with the filter attached in the plunger 
  6. Gently press down until the grounds are contained under the filter 
  7. Allow it to stand for another 3 minutes 
  8. Serve when ready 


Need your coffee ground up? Ask one of the Apothecary staff to grind the coffee suitable for your needs. 


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GST Included
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