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Merit Badges 

Barista 1 - Vector.png


This is the foundation course for any professional barista. The course will cover the basics from the equipment used, the basics of making a coffee, and up to having an excellent workflow. This is also the prerequisite course before advancing into other Barista Hustle Courses. 

Milk Science, Latee Art - Vector.png


This course coaches you on how to steam milk and pour Latte Art. From a basic standard art to the level of champions. Barista One is a prerequisite. 

Percolation - Vector.png


This is the foundation course for any barista to prepare a filtered coffee of any type. It is required to prepare a batch brew or pour over at Apothecary Coffee.


This course is designed to have you making coffee at a top quality level whilst improving your consistency. By the end you will be able to dial in your sensory awareness of coffee, understand what we are tasting, and how to taste it. Barista One is a prerequisite. 

Water Course - Vector.png


This course is for understanding the important role that water plays in making coffee in its final form. The Percolation course is a prerequisite to starting this course. 

Advanced Espresso - Vector.png


Focuses on espresso, looking at the science, engineering, and barista techniques into making the best espresso. Advanced Coffee Making is a prerequisite in order to start this course. 

Coffee Quality Control - Vector.png


Designed to aid baristas, particularly the lead barista, on the importance of Quality Control. From defects in roasted beans to assess beverage quality across the work shift, and being a facilitator of feedback between roaster and barista. 

Processing - Vector.png


Processing focuses on the precise moment of when the coffee is ripe and ready for harvest. We look at how the coffee is cared for from when the coffee ripened until dried, to the point where it is ready to be roasted. Terroir is a prerequisite to starting this course. 

Terroir - Vector.png


This course educates you on the environmental factors that affect the coffee flavours and opens the dialogue on sustainability. With talks with coffee farmers, agronomists, scientists, and green coffee traders, baristas are sure to learn a more in depth insight into coffee. 

Advanced Coffee Making - Vector.png


Explores the latest techniques for immersion style brewing from all the common brew methods. We look at the brew parameters and how they affect the rate of extraction. Suitable for both commercial use, and for home baristas. Percolation and the Water Course are prerequisites for this course. 


Explores the ethical and sustainable topics with the coffee industry, the cafe operation, and how we a can improve upon these. 

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