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Coffees & Hot Drinks 
From $4.80
Cold Drinks 
From $5.90
  • Milk based coffees made with our house blend from Paradox Served with your selection of milk or alternative milk 

  • Espresso & Long Black Single Origin Coffee - See Coffee Beans for seasonal selection & tasting notes 

  • Filter Coffee made with our Single Origin Coffee - See Coffee Beans for seasonal selection & tasting notes

  • Hot Chocolate made with Belgian milk or dark chocolate served with your choice of milk or alternative milk

  • Brewed Chai Latte - Apothecary's own house made blend of black tea and aromatic spice brewed with your selection of milk or alternative milk


  • Iced Filter 

  • Iced Coffee (milk based)

  • Iced Latte (milk or alternative milk based)

  • Iced Long Black

  • Iced Mocha or Chocolate (milk or alternative milk based)

  • Cold Pressed Juices 

Our Selection of Teas
From $4.80
  • Good Morning (English Breakfast)
    Mildly fruity, malt & chocolate 


  • Earl Grey Blueflower
    Amber, Bergamot aroma, woody undertones. 
    (Ceylon, Blue Cornflower, Bergamot Fruit) 


  • Silver Jasmine
    Light yellow liquor, sweet, fragment jasmine.
    (Green Tea Leaf, Jasmine)


  • Sencha 
    Bright jade colour, vegetal, fresh sea-water, hints of nori. 
    (Green Tea)

  • Antidote 
    Cola, Vanilla, Herbal 
    (Vervain, Chicory Root, Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Burdock Root, Liquorice Root, Raspberry Leaf, Ginger) 


  • Peace and Quiet 
    Golden, Honey, Nectar, Floral 
    (Chamomile, Lavender, Rose) 


  • Heal
    Golden, Lemon, Lime Zest, Honey, Hint of Cassia 
    (Calendula Petals, Fennel S
    eeds, Lemongrass, Ginger)

  • Digestif Golden, Mint, Anise with chilling menthol. (Lavender, Fennel Seeds, Peppermint, Spearmint)  

Check our display cabinet for the daily selection

Pastries - Delivered fresh daily
  • Cakes 

  • Muffins 

  • Banana Bread 

  • Cookies 

  • Brownie 

  • Protein Balls 

  • Croissant plain or with your choice of condiments 

  • Almond Croissant 

  • Melted Belgian Chocolate Croissant 

  • Danish 

  • Ham & Cheese Croissant 













Savoury Items 
  • Toast - White sourdough, soy & linseed, fig & walnut or gluten free with your choice of condiments  

  • Toasties - Your choice of salami, ham & cheese or triple cheese 

  • Gourmet Sandwiches, wraps & rolls 

  • Gourmet Salads 

  • Avocado Smash - Fresh avocado, Bulgarian feta, cherry tomatoes served on toasted sourdough 

  • Soup of the Day (Cooler months only) 
    Served with a slice of sourdough toast. Check in store for todays flavour 



From $13.00




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