Rodney, Apothecary Coffee, Barista


Lead Barista 

Rodney has worked at Apothecary since 2018 as the Lead Barista. He has always been passionate about coffee, having worked in the industry for 15 years. He is actively involved in the coffee community and is committed to keeping up to date with the latest coffee trends and bringing these to Apothecary Coffee.

Rodney enjoys sampling coffees from all over the world and highlighting what makes each one unique. His favourite coffee comes from Guatemala, with flavours of Earl Grey, Apple, and Lime. When he is not involved in coffee, Rodney contributes to the community through various charities and organisations he is affiliated with. Most notable of these is Banag Banag, an organisation that runs programs in the Philippines, Rodney’s country of origin, to provide education to minority groups, and children in poverty.

Rodney's Favourite Coffee

Finca La Guitarra Guatemala, Washed Bourbon.

Rodney's Merit Badges 
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Water Course

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