Paulina, Apothecary Coffee, Barista
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Paulina moved to Australia in 2019 from New Zealand and started working at Apothecary Coffee as a Barista. Although she has a long standing passion for coffee, Paulina is Apothecary’s resident tea expert. She loves the range of tea at Apothecary, and will on occasion bring her own tea to introduce the flavours to the staff.

Paulina is an artist at heart, influenced by her spirituality and Chilean heritage, with use of vibrant colours blends modern with traditional. Her creative endeavours has led to entering a piece into an art exhibition in Melbourne, as well as being used as the cover art of a band’s album by Protitas. Her art goes beyond the canvas, taking up crocheting, and weaving, where she constructed her very own loom to craft her artwork.

Paulina’s favourite beverage is green tea, but if she is in the mood for a coffee, she can’t go past Apothecary’s Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Paulina's Favourite Beverages
  • Green tea.

  • Choice of coffee is Apothecary’s Dark Chocolate Mocha.